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Percussion Ensemble

Under the direction of Brian Justison, the Millikin percussion studio and ensembles represent one of the finest undergraduate programs of its kind. Through a diverse selection of degree programs and course offerings, they are committed to providing students with the facilities and training necessary to achieve success in the professional world. Percussion studies at Millikin are designed to develop the whole musician – artistically, intellectually, and technically through the integration of theory and practice. The goal is to develop the highest possible level of musicianship and an appropriate proficiency in performance, teaching, technology, or program administration depending on the curriculum of study chosen by the student.

The MU Chamber Percussion Ensemble recently released its new CD entitled Premiers: Volume 1. It features works premiered by the ensemble, exclusively.

MU percussionists spent their spring break in Havana, Cuba studying percussion with Jose Eladio Amat. (see video highlights). Jose subsequently came to Millikin for a one-week residency Oct. 27 – Nov. 4, 2012.


The MU Chamber Percussion Ensemble  featured two world premieres on its recent Masterworks concert: Out Of Frame by James Romig and Regulus by Pat Muchmore were performed on April 28, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in Kirkland Fine Arts Center. (see video highlights)


On March 13, 2010, the MU Percussion Ensemble performed at the IL PAS Day of Percussion at McKendree College. This was the ensemble’s fourth DOP appearance since 1998.


The MU Percussion Ensemble was selected to perform at the 2008 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Austin, TX. The ensemble’s appearance was part of the Focus Day performances on Wednesday, November, 5. The student’s recent achievements played an important role in this nomination as past programs, recordings, and video were submitted. However, the centerpiece of our application was Dr. Jeremy Brunk’s new piece, “Dominican Cycles.” Jeremy is a Millikin alum who currently holds a lecturer position in the School of Music. Brunk wrote the piece for the ensemble following its 2007 tour of the Dominican Republic. This is an achievement of the highest order for the Brunk and the ensemble. In 2003 the ensemble was selected to perform at the convention by winning the PAS International Percussion Ensemble Competition


MU Percussion Coordinator, Brian Justison, has published the 2nd edition of his Jazz DrummingWorkbook with First Step Publishing. The new edition features all the great “systems” from the past with a revised 3/4 section.

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