About Gravitación

Gravitación is a quartet with outstanding training and glittering background with some of America’s most well-known ensembles. The program—madrigals by Schütz, Rossi, D’India, Luzzaschi, Monteverdi, and Peri—is the sort of varied menu that works extremely well in concert, with a variety of related styles all from the seconda prattica of the early 17th century. The vocal blend of the five singers is marvelous, with the combined sound warm and expressive without ever losing purity, and the intonation is excellent throughout, even in the difficult chromaticisms of the works by Luzzaschi and D’India. Individual voices show their quality and qualities in the various pieces with reduced forces, including some warhorses (Monteverdi’s Zefiro torna, and the duo which ends his Poppea), and accompanist Michel Angers has a beautiful solo Ciaccona by Piccinini. There’s not a weak link in the group. If I were writing 20 years ago, I would have said that such a truly world-class band deserved a long-term contract with a major label. Given the parlous state of things in 2011, I can only tell connoisseurs to snap up a copy of this disc and pray that Gravitación manages to continue to work together at such an excellent level. —Tom Moore


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